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About Mountain Training on the island of Ireland is governed by the Mountain Training Board Ireland, MTBI, which is the training sub-committee of Mountaineering Ireland. Mountain Training Board Ireland is a full member of Mountain Training UK and Ireland, along with Mountain Training Cymru, Mountain Training England and Mountain Training Scotland.

Mountain Training Board Ireland provides and administers personal proficiency schemes and instructor, coaching and leadership awards. MTBI also supports the provision of informal training for Mountaineering Ireland's clubs and individual members.

Mountain Training Board Ireland is governed by the Mountaineering Ireland Executive Board.

Executive Officer

Jane Carney

Training Officer Mountaineering Ireland

Telephone: (+353) 16251112


    Members MTBI is the training sub-committee of Mountaineering Ireland and has a competency based board rather than a representative board, which includes; providers, award holders, members of MTA, AMI, BAIML, BMG, Outdoor Education specialist, members of the Ramblers, Scouts, Duke of Edinburgh, outdoor education centre managers, military trainers and the national outdoor training centre for Northern Ireland in its membership.

    Chair: Kevin O'Callaghan

    • Alan Fairweather
    • Alan Mordaunt
    • Kate Thompson
    • Lorcan McDonnell
    • Stephen Creber
    • Dawson Stelfox
    • Natasza Berlowska
    • John O'Brien
    • Kath Maguire
    • Kieran O'Hara (Observer)
    • John Cousins (Observer)
    • Jane Carney (Secretary), Training Officer
    • Laura Griffin, Training Administrator
    DocumentsMountaineering Ireland Strategic Plan

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