Mountain Training Scotland Bursary Scheme

About the Mountain Training Scotland Bursary Scheme

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Thank you for your interest in the Mountain Training Scotland bursary scheme.

Mountain Training Scotland annually offers a limited number of bursaries to support candidates wishing to undertake a training or assessment (including a re-assessment) course in one of the Mountain Training Qualification schemes provided by Mountain Training Scotland for whom the personal financial constraints may be a barrier to participation and whose participation may promote MTS’s commitment to diversity, equity, equality and inclusion aims and include:
  • Identify and seek to address the challenges facing candidates accessing and completing a Mountain Training qualification.
  • Support and promote greater diversity of participation in walking, climbing and mountaineering related activities.
  • Develop links between leadership and safe participation, and other relevant agendas including education, health and wellbeing.


Bursaries are available for up to a maximum of £250 to cover the cost of a Mountain Training course (Note: NOT including Registration Fees) and must be claimed within 6 months of the Bursary being awarded. The Mountain Training course must be in one of the Mountain Training qualification schemes provided by Mountain Training Scotland and delivered by a Mountain Training Scotland approved provider.

Qualification for Bursary

To qualify for a bursary candidate’s should be able to demonstrate:
  • an indication of the personal financial constraints which prevent them from participating on the course;
  • their commitment to encouraging wider participation in climbing and or hill and mountain walking from their community. This may be either through their own circumstance or through a clear intention to use their qualification to facilitate participation in Mountain, Hill and Climbing activities by others in the target community (as part of this you will be asked to provide a reference from a referee who is not a spouse, partner or close family member to vouch for and support the above);
  • that they have fulfilled all the stated experience prerequisites for attending the training or assessment course as prescribed by Mountain Training; OR they have completed their Mountain Training qualification course within four weeks from the end date of the course;
  • that they have a commitment to the relevant activity through their own personal background and experience;
  • that they have registered for the relevant Award;
  • that they are old enough to register on the Mountain Training scheme of their choice and resident in Scotland at the time of application and the relevant course.
  • that their Mountain Training course is one of those provided by Mountain Training Scotland and will be delivered by a Mountain Training Scotland approved provider.


To apply for a bursary please download the MTS Bursary Application Form 2022 at the link below – please note a reference is required to support the application.

All applications will be considered as soon as is reasonably possible by the designated Board Member + one other Board Member of Mountain Training Scotland and the outcome will be communicated formally to the applicant by the Board via email. This may take up to a month to process.

The candidate must pay for course fees initially and claim the amount awarded within 6 months of the award being made. Payment will be made after confirmation by MTS with the Course Provider of attendance and completion of the course.

Retrospective applications for Mountain Training qualification courses completed will be considered if an application is submitted within four weeks from the end of the course.

Applicants may submit multiple applications for different qualifications (including re-assessments) but only one per course and one per calendar year.

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