Bursary achievement for Razia

Earlier this year we secured some funding for aspiring black and minority ethnic (BME) leaders. It is available for BME individuals who want to get training to lead others in the outdoors, or in a climbing wall.

Razia Anwar Mountain Leader training 1

Razia Anwar from Blackburn is one of our first recipients. She currently plans group activities helping Asian families and mums appreciate the outdoors. She is passionate about being a positive role model for Asian women and men in the North West and believes that taking them outdoors will help build self-confidence, reduce depression and create a sense of self-worth. Razia recently attended a Mountain Leader training course in the Lake District which was 50% funded by Mountain Training England.

Razia really enjoyed the training course with Apex Training and had this to say:

“This has been an exceptional week that I will remember for a very long time. The six day course began with a navigation day where I realised there was a lot of experience and confidence that I required. Rope work day with belaying was intense and rewarding. Group work and leadership were key on the mountains, where the trainers were absolutely brilliant in making you navigate the way on the mountain especially during low visibility and at night. Overall this has been the most challenging week where I have learnt many new skills, realised my capabilities and the need to get a lot more practising in before I undertake assessment. Apex Training Mark and Simon were great instructors.

I fell in a river and have bruises on my leg; this has not deterred me from getting out there and practicing even more.”

Razia Anwar Mountain Leader training 2

If you are in need of support there are some bursaries for our qualifications which may be suitable for you.

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