Recording Your CPD

The Mountain Training Association promotes its full members as leaders, instructors and coaches who hold nationally recognised qualifications and actively undertake continued personal development to ensure their skills and experience is up to date. This makes continued personal development (CPD) an important part of being a full member of the association.

If you have not yet passed an assessment and are currently a trainee member of the Mountain Training Association you will not accummulate CPD points as there is no mandatory requirement for you to do CPD. However, if you have done some CPD it is still of great value and can be recorded in your CPD tab (without points being assigned).

How to add a MTA workshop as CPD

Attendance at MTA workshops (i.e. those that are visible in the Mountain Training system) will automatically be recorded in the Training tab of your online Mountain Training account and your CPD record, just as soon as the workshop provider has updated the attendance list and closed down the workshop. If you have been waiting more than two weeks for your MTA workshop to appear in your record please contact the workshop provider directly. All other recognised/accredited CPD needs to be updated in your CPD record manually.

How to add externally recognised CPD

As well as providing workshops via the Mountain Training candidate managment system, the association recognises that members have a great many opportunities to undergo other external workshops and courses that support both keeping their award skills up to date with current good practise and improving knowledge in other subjects that support the technical skills of an award such as disability awareness, geology or flora and fauna. Therefore the association has recognised and accredited a wide variety of other opportunities that members can manually add themselves to their CPD record within their Mountain Training account.

Download an approved list of externally recognised CPD here:

Watch this short video or follow the simple steps below to add CPD to your record:

Step 1: Log into your online Mountain Training account.

Step 2: Select the CPD tab (If you have recently converted your CMS account to the "new-look" page view, please click on the 'Awards & Training' tab instead and then choose the CPD Records tab.)

Step 3: Scroll to bottom of the page and click 'Add CPD'.

Step 4: If you have attended any CPD that is listed in the Approved CPD courses and events list (see above) then click the category dropdown menu under the 'Record Type' header, and then scroll and select the relevant category for your CPD entry.

Choose CPD category

Step 5: Further detail about the workshop/course can be added under the 'Record details' header.

Add CPD details

Step 6: Click 'save' at the bottom of the box and your workshop and the appropriate points will be added to your record.


Verified CPD - what does the tick mean?

If you've attended a MTA CPD workshop that has been advertised and run as part of the MTA workshop programme, when it appears in your CPD record, it will have a 'verified tick' next to it. Those that are added manually yourself won’t appear in your record with a verified tick because these sessions/events are provided by an external organisation that MTA don’t have any quality assurance over. While we recognise these particular courses as CPD we don’t verify it. The bottom line is it still counts CPD.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a CPD entry that has no points attached to it you need to check that your entry is approved CPD and is recognised by MTA in line with the 'Approved CPD Courses and events' list (above). If it doesn’t delete the entry.

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