Winter Skills Videos - Avalanche Forecasts

Avalanche forecasts are an integral part of any day in the mountains and to look after people in the mountains is very much a hands-on process for most. But for those of you who like a good video, here are a few that should help you prepare for Winter Mountain Leader training and/or assessment.

Avalanche forecasts - how are they produced?

The Scottish Avalanche Information Service produce daily avalanche forecasts for certain regions of Scotland throughout the winter. This video from Mark Diggins explores the following questions: Where do the forecasters go and what are they looking for? How does that fit in to the bigger picture? How do they turn that information into a forecast?

Avalanche forecasts - the history of the snowpack

Looking at an avalanche forecast for one day doesn't give you very much information about the snowpack, but there is more available. Here's some guidance from Mark Diggins about where it can be found.

Avalanche forecasts - how to interpret them

There is a lot of information in an avalanche forecast: the compass rose, the colours, the hazard level, the avalanche probability, references to height, key snow stability observations and the observed avalanche hazard. In this video Mark Diggins explains how to use each element of the forecast.

Avalanche forecasts - the snow profile

The snow profile is a snapshot of the temperature of the snow in a certain place at various depths.

Be Avalanche Aware - using the information available

In this video, Mark Diggins draws all of the above skills and information together and uses the 'Be Avalanche Aware' leaflet to explain how best to approach a day out in the hills.

Avalanche Rescue and Safety Equipment

Avoiding avalanche hazard remains the priority in avalanche education. Mountain Training have a positioning statement on avalanche rescue and safety equipment for mountaineers.

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