Winter Skills Videos - Security on Steep Ground

The ability to manage and look after groups on steep ground in the winter environment is an integral part of being a Winter Mountain Leader. Here are a few videos that will help prepare you for your Winter Mountain Leader Training or Assessment, inspire you to register for the award or refresh your skills for the forthcoming season.

Security on steep ground - Grade 1 ground

An overview of skills and techniques for safe travel on steep ground, these skills are key to becoming a Winter Mountain Leader.

Security on steep ground - Introduction to Anchors

An introduction to the variety of anchors described in the videos below that can be used by a Winter Mountain Leader to safe guard a member of a hill walking group using the equipment carried in the winter environment.

Security on steep groung - Stomper Belay

The stomper belay is one choice of anchor a Winter Mountain Leader may choose to use and this is a short guide to the stomper belay, when to use it and its advantages and disadvantages.

Security on steep ground - snow bollard

A snow bollard is often the chosen method for safe guarding yourself as a leader whilst decending steep ground.

Security on steep ground - Bucket seat and buried axe

This video shows you how to create a bucket seat and buried axe anchor, it may take longer to build but it has it's advantages.

These videos have been produced by George McEwan the Exectutive Officer of Mountain Training Scotland to support the Winter Mountain Leader award syllabus and further information can be found in Winter Skills the official handbook of the Winter Award schemes.

Avalanche Rescue and Safety Equipment

Avoiding avalanche hazard remains the priority in avalanche education. Mountain Training have a positioning statement on avalanche rescue and safety equipment for mountaineers.

Other winter skills videos

Avalanche Forecasts


Ice axe self arrest

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