Your Stories: Neil Clague

Every Sunday we're featuring someone with a Mountain Training story to tell.

This week: Neil Clague

Neil Clague I work as a full time professional DJ in the UK and Europe (but that's the night time job). I found a love of climbing about 5 years ago at Awesome Walls in Liverpool and haven't looked back (or down) plus I'm there nearly every day as well. This doesn't mean I'm any good! I just enjoy it and hopefully always bring a smile, but normally a funny look :D

I've always been an outdoor person, from camping with kids, friends and just getting off on my own for a night under the stars or up to Snowdonia or Ben Nevis. So after 15 years of DJing and constant late nights (or 3 day benders), there comes a time when the excitement of travel and crowds and loud music takes its toll, and you only want to be outdoors. Which is where I'm at now.

My aim is to become MIA which I'm on my way to gaining, I've passed my CWA & CWAA and done my SPA training so just need to pass the assessment. I have my CWLA training booked for Jan 2014 then its Mountain Leader & Winter Mountain Leader to do which won't be a problem for 2014.

I've done all my training with Ian Fenton and Kris Cruse who are in my opinion 2 of the nicest people you'll ever meet and full of knowledge and a credit to the training board. I'm outgoing and full of the joys of life. There isn't much gets me down and I'm always game for a laugh but as I climb with my children and family, as stupid and mad as I am, safety always comes first.

So that's a bit about me see you all under the stars. 'Cos one day I'll look down from them and I plan to do every thing I can before that happens.

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