Quality day definitions - frequently asked questions

Can I count the same route twice?

We do encourage you to explore new routes and new areas, so enjoy exploring the unknown! The fundamental basis of our qualifications is your experience and variety is essential to develop all of the personal and leadership skills expected of a qualified walking leader.

Can I log a Quality Day on my own?

Absolutely. Quality days can be undertaken alone, with peers, or leading a group, so long as the criteria are met.

Can I log a Quality Day if I was practising with friends?

Yes, as long as the criteria are met. When we say that ‘days as…a member of a group practising skills…are very unlikely to count’, we mean time spent practising micro-navigation or ropework (for example), without any significant journey. Consider as well, whether the size of the group allowed for everyone to have taken part in the planning and leadership.

Do I have to summit a mountain for it to count as a Quality Mountain Day?

Ideally yes, and often Quality Mountain Days will include more than one mountain. However, if your judgement and decision-making prevented you from summiting and the journey still meets the other criteria, did it contribute to your knowledge, personal development and associated skill acquisition? If so, please give details in the description box.

Will Quality Days logged prior to the definition change be excluded?

No. If something was genuinely a Quality Day prior to the definition change, it will still be considered as one after the change. We’re trying to help people be clear about what a Quality Day is, not exclude any of the days already gained.

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