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Adventuremark is a non-statutory safety scheme devised by the Adventure Activity Industry Advisory Committee (AAIAC) for providers of adventurous activities that are outside the scope of the Adventure Activity Licensing regulations. Adventuremark allows providers to demonstrate to their customers or users that the provider's safety management and related delivery systems have been inspected and found to comply with standards of good practice in the adventure activity industry.

Mountain Training UK is an AAIAC Approved Scheme Provider and offers accreditation against the provider criteria in an innovative, value for money scheme. The Mountain Training UK Adventuremark Accreditation Scheme is designed to accredit sole traders who only offer mountain activities delivered within the scope of the qualifications held. The scheme is not available to providers who offer other activities outside the scope of these qualifications, or enterprises with more complex delivery systems that require greater day to day management or employing other staff

Who can apply?

Sole traders who hold Mountain Training or BMG qualifications and only deliver activities within the scope of the individual qualifications held and are a member of one of the following Associations; the Mountain Training Association (MTA), Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI), British Association of International Mountain Leaders (BAIML) or British Mountain Guides (BMG).

For the purpose of this scheme:

A Sole Trader is a person who owns their own business. They alone deliver the activities and do not employ other staff. If they are in partnership it is for the purpose of administration.

E.g. James runs Walking Adventures. He is a Mountain Leader and advertises hill walking and wild camping experiences led by himself. This is also the case for Annabel who is a Mountain Leader and holder of the Single Pitch Award and works under the trading name of Getting Outdoors. She offers climbing experiences for novices and guided mountain walks.

Benefits of the Mountain Training UK Adventuremark Accreditation Scheme

  • Activity providers gain Adventuremark accreditation, a kite mark for quality provision in the adventure activity industry.
  • Activity providers can use the Adventuremark badge, which confirms that the holder conforms to the necessary standards of good practice in the provision of mountain activities that they are qualified to deliver.

General requirements

An activity provider will need to demonstrate they meet the MTUK Accreditation scheme criteria laid down in the policies and procedures conformity checklist

To gain accreditation an individual would need to:

  • Hold the relevant Mountain Training or BMG qualification/s for the activities provided and hold an appropriate valid first aid certificate.
  • Be a member of one of the Associations named above and have a current CPD record.
  • Attend safety management training approved by MTUK.
  • Have operating procedures that are regularly reviewed and are responsive to changing events and circumstances.
  • Have emergency procedures in response to operational incidents that may occur.
  • Have systems of risk management in place for identifying and managing risks associated with activities and ensure that any safety critical equipment is appropriately recorded and inspected.
  • Have an appropriate Child Protection and Vulnerable Adults Policy.
  • Agree to inform their Association of any related incidents via their professional standards procedures or via the MTUK incident reporting procedures.
  • Have access to additional technical advice and support
  • All supporting documents and policies should be uploaded to the files tab within DLOG and the DLOG shared with an MTUK accrediting inspector.
Safety management good practice resources and sample documents can be found in the Mountain Training Association's members area. Applicants need to ensure that their policies and supporting documents are relevant to and functional for the services and activities provided.

Application process

To apply, applicants need to complete the MTUK Adventuremark Accreditation Scheme self-declaration form and submit to Once the declaration form has been accepted, applicants will be required to complete the policies and procedures conformity checklist. They should upload all supporting policies and documents into DLOG via the files tab and provide two references that support the application to become an approved activity provider.

Duration of Accreditation

Following attendance at a MTUK approved Safety Management Good Practice training event an applicant has up to 3 years to apply for accreditation

Adventuremark is administered on behalf of AAIAC by Adventure Activity Associates - AAA. Once accredited, approved providers need to do the following for their Adventuremark accreditation to remain valid:
  • Submit an annual self-declaration form to AAA notifying AAA of any changes in the provision of activities or circumstances.
  • On a re-occurring basis initially 3 years then subsequently every 5 years an accredited provider must re-submit a Policies and Procedures Conformity Checklist to be reviewed by an MTUK accrediting inspector.

Cost of the scheme

The initial cost of the MTUK Adventuremark Accreditation Scheme is £200. This includes the initial application process and having all documents and policies approved by an MTUK accrediting inspector. A fee of £50+VAT is also payable to AAA.

On an annual basis, in order to continue to satisfy the Adventuremark criteria, accredited providers will be required to re-submit a self-declaration form directly to AAA and pay them a fee of £50+VAT. If changes are made to the provision of activities during this annual process, AAA will inform MTUK and the provider may be required to satisfy an accrediting inspector that these changes have been appropriately reflected in supporting policies and document. This process may incur an additional fee payable to MTUK

After the initial 3 years then subsequently every 5 years an accredited provider is to re-submit a Policies and Procedures Conformity Checklist to be reviewed by an MTUK accrediting inspector. The cost of this will be £140.

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