Logo policy

MT 200 The Mountain Training logo can be used by approved providers highlighing relevant courses as being accredited by a national Mountain Training organisation. Course directors, staff and candidates may not display this logo.

Logo guidelines

  • The logo must only be placed on publicity material that clearly identifies the approved provider.
  • The logo may only be used to promote Mountain Training courses rather than suggesting wider endorsement by Mountain Training of the individual or company.
  • The logo must be clearly distinguished from the main business branding.
  • If the logo is used online, then it should link to: www.mountain-training.org

Third party use of the logo

  • Third parties (for example outdoor centres or climbing walls) who are hosting a Mountain Training course, must follow the external agency course provision guidance.
  • In this instance the logo may be used as outlined in the logo guidelines above; next to the course information as long as it is clear which approved provider is running the course.
  • The logo must not be displayed in a way that indicates wider endorsement of the venue or organisation by Mountain Training, such as in a footer or side bar.

Logo golden rules

  • Do not alter the colours of the supplied logos in any way.
  • Do not stretch/squeeze the supplied logos in any way.
  • Always re-size the logos in proportion.
  • Do not make the logo too small. Mountain Training logos used should always be presented smaller than that of the business/organisation/individual. If possible avoid using the logo less than 20mm wide.
  • Do not make the logo too big. Well thought-out space around a small logo often has more impact than a huge logo!
  • Try to avoid using the logos on busy backgrounds, such as complicated textures or photographs.

Logo safe space

It is recommended that there is always clear space running around the whole logo. This is to help maintain the integrity of the logo and ensure visibility and legibility.

File choice

PNG - Portable Network Graphic’s lines are live therefore they are crisp unlike a jpeg which is made out of pixels and therefore png’s can be used without a border over coloured backgrounds or images. This format is preferable when using the Hill & Mountain Skills logo.

JPEG - Is not well suited for line drawings, due to their pixels and should be used for images.

PDF - Everyone can open an ADOBE pdf and therefore is a great transferable format. It is also compatible with all other ADOBE graphics programs.

EPS – This is a graphics file format. Unless you have graphics programmes you will not be able to open this. However printers, web or graphic designers prefer to work with this format.

Please visit the provider resources area (or dropbox) to download a zip file of logos.

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