Third party promotion

Mountain Training welcomes promotion of its courses by associated organisations such as climbing walls and outdoor centres who may not be the approved provider delivering the course. However, it must be clear who the approved provider is in any advertising or supporting literature. Use of the Mountain Training logo must comply with the logo policy.

If an external agency wishes to host a Mountain Training course delivered by an approved provider then a suggested draft version of any publicity text would look like this:

{Insert name of provider}, in conjunction with {insert name of agency}, is running a {insert scheme name and type of course e.g. training or assessment} course based from {insert course base} on {insert date}.

This Mountain Training qualification scheme is for those who are currently involved or keen to become involved in {insert scope of qualification}.

Details of the syllabus can be viewed on the Mountain Training website. Please note that in order to participate in this course you must have registered with Mountain Training prior to the start of the course.
Mountain Training

National Mountain Training organisation providers are responsible for ensuring, amongst other matters, that courses, training and systems supplied by the provider are strictly in accordance with the procedures set out in the relevant Quality Manual and as detailed in their Provider Agreement – this is a contractual arrangement.

Approved providers deliver these courses using national Mountain Training organisation approved course directors. The course director’s role is to manage the effective facilitation of the syllabus during the provision of a course. This is achieved by overseeing and coordinating the input of all staff involved, while shaping the course to adapt to individual candidates’ abilities and experience, taking into account the prevailing environmental conditions.

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