AMI Autumn Conference - Working with Adults and Youth Groups -

Taking place at Thornbridge Outdoor Centre, Peak District - 30 Sep - 1 Oct 17

AMI will be running a weekend of specialist workshops, development and discussion opportunities for members involved in managing adult and/or youth group work in the mountains or on rock. The conference is to be hosted at Thornbridge Outdoor Centre in the Peak District. All the workshops count as full CPD for AMI and, where appropriate, will count for MTA, BAIML, and British Canoeing. This is a new venture for AMI and we are really excited!

To make it great value, the event will be self-catered. There are 5 pubs within easy walking distance of the centre. You can enjoy a full weekend of great CPD for as little as £150 plus your food. Places are limited, so book yours now. Make your accommodation and workshop bookings by following the links below.

Costs for the weekend will be as follows:Teaching navWORKSHOPS



  • Assessing and feedback - How to give effective feedback, with backbone and heart (Guy Jarvis and Dr Chris Key) - Full Day
  • Mental Health and the outdoor environment - what could you encounter, how to deal with it and how to remain inclusive (Paul Lefever) - Full Day
  • Organising Youth Trips Abroad - Why it is worth it, pitfalls to avoid and processes that help (Steve Stout) - Full Day
  • Teaching Navigation - A different Approach (Nigel Williams) - Full Day
  • Risk Management - Insurance/managing risk/managing claims/processes (Bruce Hogg) - Half Day am



By Guy Jarvis and Dr Chris Key

Giving effective feedback, with backbone and heart

Most Instructors and Leaders are involved in situations where they need to provide effec-tive assessment and feedback. How do you get your message across effectively and en-sure that feedback has been taken onboard? This is an age old problem and one for which there are tools and tips which can help as well as methods to avoid; there is no such thing as the perfect answer, but Keith will lead the discussion, using scenarios to illustrate what can work and what might not. This should be recognised as Coaching CPD with British Canoeing and BAIML and MTA

By Dr Suresh Paul

This is a one-day starter programme that provides an introduction to disability and ‘inclusion’. Aimed at centre managers, advisers, coaches, instructors this training breaks down some of the inclusion barriers and instils confidence to encourage participation. All participants receive certification; this is an ‘Institute of Outdoor Learning’ approved course.
“An introduction to disability and inclusion” is a practical and active experience with plenty of opportunity during the sessions to ask questions and express your fears and reservations when dealing with ‘inclusion’. The 6 sessions of this course will provide you with the language and a coaching framework that will allow you to approach positively some of the more complex issues surrounding ‘inclusive’ practice.
  • Session 1 Introducing the Positive Approach (the benefits of positive language in coaching)
  • Session 2 Communication : Sense-Able (the concepts of effective communication and using learning styles in your coaching)
  • Session 3 Function : Body Centred (using a ‘function-based’ approach in your coaching)
  • Session 4 Personal Experience (exploring your own personal experiences)
  • Session 5 Stacking (illustrates how ‘stacking-up’ helps enjoyment in an inclusive coaching session)
  • Session 6 Summary and Close
Suresh Paul, PhD, is founder and director of Equal Adventure Developments Ltd. His early interest in outdoor adventure activities saw him sitting at the bottom of an abseil watching children with arthritis struggling to cope with the discomfort from use of a standard climbing harness. This led to his inspiration for the first of over sixty products, the Kite I climbing harness.In 2010, Suresh completed his PhD, which examined the creation of resources and coaching strategies to improve access to adventure sport and active lifestyles with disabled people.Suresh continues to help drive Equal Adventure forward, while being Technical Adviser to the Battle Back Centre, and Honorary Research Fellow at Leeds Metropolitan University.
Recognised as CPD by BAIML and MTA


By Anne Salisbury

Anne has been running our very successful and well received TA workshops for many years. The workshop is a great tool for those thinking of progressing into the world of Technical Advice as well as a good refresher for those already involved. The contents are based on practical experience built over many years.

Recognised by British Canoeing as Safe Practice CPD and by BAIML and MTA

Anne Salisbury has for many years been involved in Adventure Activities and their safety management. She is a Senior Inspector with the Adventure Activities Licensing Service and holds an MSc in Outdoor Education. As an experienced MIC and IML holder she has been involved in teaching, instructing, guiding and lecturing in the outdoors for 30 years including trips both personal and professional to many areas of the world.


By Tim Morton

(What the inspectors saw - peer belaying, lowering and other rope related near misses)

AALS observes around 750 activity sessions every year, many of them in-volving roped activities. This practical workshop will share some of the not so good practice seen and guide a discussion on how the common issues might be addressed either by those delivering training and assessment, those operating as internal or external technical advisors and of course those delivering roped activities.

Tim Morton has been involved in adventure activities for more than 30 years, he's an MIC and a former SPA provider. As the deputy head of inspection at AALS he has been involved in the investigation of a number of incidents/accidents on climbing walls and high ropes courses (13 in the last five years!). Tim has worked and played on crags and mountains across Europe, Africa and South America. Leading


By Steve Stout

Why it is worth it, pitfalls to avoid and processes that help

Thinking about taking a youth group abroad or have you been “nominated” to lead or as-sist with foreign group travel? Then this workshop is for you. With Steve’s extensive knowledge and experience he will facilitate debate and discussion as well as providing his own recommendations on making a trip successful and how to manage a crisis if something does go wrong which will include ideas around what to ensure is in place before the trip leaves. This is recognised by British Canoeing as Safe Practice CPD, and by BAIML and MTA

Steve Stout has worked in the Outdoor Industry for nearly 20 years being self-employed and happy to work in most fields of the outdoors.This work has taken him to all seven continents, where he has led trekking, climbing & mountaineering trips around the globe for a lot of the trekking companies this has included being a Director for major company running multiple youth expeditions each year. He has also planned and run trips of his own in Europe which included climbing and scrambling courses.


By Paul Lefever B;Sc RMHN

What Could You encounter, How to deal with it and how to remain inclusive.

One in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem in any given year. Mental health problems are one of the main causes of illness worldwide. In the UK, Mental health problems are responsible for 28% of all illnesses. 26% of young people in the UK experience suicidal thoughts. About 25% of young people self-harm on one occasion or more. Mental Health issues are prevalent throughout all parts of our society; we, as managers, leaders and instructors can either chose to ignore it or understand and work with it.

Paul, with his extensive background is in an ideal position to provide information and help you to develop your understanding, provide warning signs to look out for and help signposting those under your charge to achieve the suitable care and help they need.This should be recognised by British Canoeing as Safe Practice CPD and BAIML and MTA

Paul Lefever is a registered mental health nurse and mountain leader. Since 2006 Paul has been pioneering the work of delivering mountain based activities to adults who experience 'severe' mental illness, here in the UK. Paul is currently the Managing Director of Adventure Quest (UK) and also is a mental health consultant for a number of leading UK outdoor organisations.


By Steve Howe

Building on the success over the last couple of years, Steve Howe PSC Chairman, will facilitate a safety seminar specifically focussed on group work. The interactive and open framework of the seminar will allow for frank and honest discussion and learning based on anonymous but real events. Feedback from the last seminar included the following “There was a strong feeling at the end of the session from all involved that this had been a really helpful process. Through the seminar we had all had to examine our own practices and we left with practical ideas to immediately improve and develop these.” To read the full article please follow this link. Although only open to AMI members, this is recognised as CPD by BAIML and MTA

Steve Howe is the current Professional Standard Committee Chair for AMI. His varied background includes senior management positions within the outdoor industry running his own consultancy firm.


By Bruce Hogg

Dealing with Insurance, managing risk, managing claims and processes

This half day workshop is based around how the insurance industry sees our risk and how we/they can work better together in order to protect our interests as well as those of our clients. With the recent shift of insurance broker for both AMI and MTA to Lockton’s, this is a timely and worthwhile delve into the world of insurance and what it means to you in practical terms working on the ground.This should be recognised by British Canoeing as Safe Practice CPD and by BAIML and MTA

Bruce Hogg is Assistant Vice President of Lockton Sport and is our point of contact for our associations insurance.


By Paul Kellagher

How to keep children, young and vulnerable people safe

Safeguarding means protecting people's health, wellbeing and human rights, and enabling them to live free from harm, abuse and neglect. Although it is common sense and would be standard practice by almost every instructor to safeguard, there are both procedures and processes which help to improve safeguarding and protect both you and your clients. As the P-y-B Safeguarding lead, Paul will discuss his experiences and outline the requirements for both businesses and individuals. Pease note, this is not accredited with Sport England but is an ideal introduction to Safeguarding.

This is recognised as CPD by BAIML and MTA

Paul Kellagher holds the Mountaineering Instructor Award, Winter mountain Leader Award, is a BCU Level 3 Canoe Coach and qualified Social Worker. He is a member of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors, Canoe Association of Northern Ireland and is registered with the Northern Ireland Social Care Council. he has over 20 years' experience working in the Adventure Education, Social care and Youth Justice systems. He is a part time instructor at Tollymore Mountain Centre, NI's national outdoor centre.


By Paul Kellagher

How not to lose an effective group dy-namic.

The weather is poor, you are attempting to give instruction on belaying or navigation and the class clown just has to get in the last word - sound familiar? Dealing with challenging groups or individuals whilst out on the hill is rarely easy, not only do you have genuine risk management, unusual in most other situations, but you are more often than not working in adverse conditions. What works, what doesn’t, how do you know you haven’t lost the rest of the group? All good questions and ones which will be discussed and debated in this workshop. This should be recognised as Coaching CPD with British Canoeing and by BAIML and MTA.

Paul Kellagher holds the Mountaineering Instructor Award, Winter mountain Leader Award, is a BCU Level 3 Canoe Coach and qualified Social Worker. He is a member of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors, Canoe Association of Northern Ireland and is registered with the Northern Ireland Social Care Council. he has over 20 years' experience working in the Adventure Education, Social care and Youth Justice systems. He is a part time instructor at Tollymore Mountain Centre, NI's national outdoor centre.


By Nigel Williams

Navigation is a common weak area on many Mountain Training Courses and therefore it is time to re-consider the basics of how and what we teach and the knowledge we pass on. This workshop will provide a tool box of progressions and ideas for teaching navigation from the most fundamental skills of map setting and contours to teaching the compass, navigation strategies and relocation skills. Orienteers use maps with only northing lines and compasses without degree markings or a rotating capsule, so how do they become the best on foot navigators in the world? The orienteering map is to teaching navigation what the indoor climbing wall was to teaching climbing 20 years ago. The workshop will explore some of their methodology and consider how we can use that to help train and provide navigation confidence for our hill walking clients whether they be novices or training to be Mountain Leaders. There is the option with this course to register and become an NNAS Tutor on the Saturday.

Saturday 30th September is a formal National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS) Tutor Training workshop for those who wish to be certificated to deliver bronze and silver NNAS awards in the future. There is an additional £10 charge on this days’ workshop which co-vers the registration process to become a tutor. NNAS uses the tahdah CMS system, so registration prior to the course starting is essential and cannot be retrospective.

*For the Saturday Navigation workshop there is an additional £10 NNAS registration fee

Sunday 1st October is a Teaching Navigation workshop for anyone not interested in the NNAS certification. However both workshops cover the same material so the decision to make is; do you expect to be an NNAS tutor or provider in the future? Existing NNAS tutors have a further year to attend this training workshop to remain a current tutor.

In making this decision you should appreciate that if you attend the Sunday workshop and later approach NNAS to be a tutor it cannot be backdated and you will have to attend a formal NNAS tutor training course thus repeating much of the content.

If you require further information on this please email before 22nd September - please note that I will be away from all communication the week prior to this weekend event.

This is recognised as CPD by BAIML and MTA

Nigel Williams is an MIC, IML and level 3 Orienteering coach. He has been Head of Training at Glenmore Lodge for 20 years and has developed this workshop with the aim of supporting the huge range of people who teach others to navigate and to find a way to reduce the high levels of navigation deferrals on NGB awards where the subject is assessed.


By Attendee. Workshop attendance cannot be cancelled online; attendees need to call Mountain Training. If cancellations are received up to eight weeks before the course at-tendees will get a full refund; less than eight weeks, but more than four weeks before the course: 50% refund; less than four weeks before the course date: no refund unless a re-serve is able to fill the slot. Late non-attendance due to unforeseen circumstances needs to be reported ASAP direct to the course provider, so that arrangements can be made to allow reserves to attend.

By AMI. AMI will cancel workshops which do not meet the minimum attendance criteria four weeks of the course date, and a full refund will be give. Every effort is made to deliver all of the advertised courses, however as these are non profit-making, AMI reserve the right to cancel a course should there be insufficient attendees to cover the costs.

By Workshop Provider. If the Provider cannot run the course at the last minute due to injury or illness, and cannot find an alternative provider, it is their responsibility to notify candidates of the last-minute cancellation. AMI will refund the candidate in full and no payment will be made to the provider.

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