MIA Assessment at PYB. A candidate’s view of how the week runs.

As it is now "Assessment season" I thought I'd drag out a few articles I wrote about what to expect on Assessment. I did mine a couple years ago but fell at the fence and got a deferral. I’ve now passed so thought I’d pass on a how the days ran for me and what to expect. It became apparent that a few people I had spoken to over the next couple of years really didn't know what to expect on Assessment week. This is mainly due to the fact that quite a few people work in isolation as they are not 'in the industry' and don't get the chance to speak to Actual MIA's that much. Below is MY take on what to expect. It is not a 'do this and you'll pass' guide - I'm afraid there are no easy ways to an MIA. It's more of a 'this is a logistical view on the five days'.

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