We've tried to answer all our most frequently asked questions on this page. if your answer is not here, then please contact us with your question and we'll do our best to answer!

Where can I find an AMI member?
You can use the search for an instructor facility on this site to find an instructor in either your own area or the area that you intend to visit. Instructors can be found across the whole of the UK and most will be prepared to travel if you have a specific location in mind.

Do AMI members work all year round?
The majority of instructors will work all year round. Courses and instruction will be tailored to meet the conditions of the season. Those members who hold the Winter Mountaineering and Climbing qualification will be able to offer instruction on snow and ice in the winter months from basic winter skills through to ice climbing.

How do I book a course/instruction?
Use the search for an instructor facility on this site and then make contact with them directly. Each instructor will have their own booking procedure, some may take bookings online, most will require a deposit in advance - and all instructors will ask you to complete a booking form.

Ratios of Instructor to Clients, and Costs?
The AMI does not set a standard rate for hiring a Mountaineering Instructor and any price quoted by an AMI member is a reflection of that Instructor’s qualifications, experience and business costs.
An Instructor may quote a lower daily rate for simple, local work, or a higher rate for more specialist instruction, more challenging terrain, or for work in a remote location. Discussing your specific requirements with your Instructor will help them produce a fair and accurate quote.
Maximum safe ratios are generally 1:2 for more technical rock climbing, scrambling and mountaineering (e.g. multi-pitch or teaching leading) and for winter climbing. Higher ratios may be possible in less challenging environments or for introductory activity days, which may reduce the cost per participant. Ratios for these days are up to the AMI Instructor and take into account a broad range of factors.
Mountaineering Instructors can also be engaged as technical advisors/experts. Again, no specific set rate exists for this type of work. Additional pay considerations are common, such as retainer fees, periodic inspections, remote support and associated expenses.

Do I need insurance?
We strongly recommend that you take out your own insurance to cover you for personal accident, injury or loss and course cancellation costs. We recommend the BMC at www.thebmc.co.uk

How do I know that a Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor is safe?
Ask to see the logo on the membership card. AMI members hold the highest level of instructional qualification in the UK and continued membership is subject to strict requirements of currency and rulings of a Professional Standards Committee.

What does being an AMI Member and using the AMI Logo mean?
The AMI logo is used widely by sole traders and companies who are, or employ, AMI members as a guarantee that those Instructors are qualified to teach climbing and mountaineering activities professionally within the remit of their award(s). The AMI logo is not an endorsement of any standard to which an organisation displaying the logo is managed, or its ability to fulfil obligations in any trading terms and conditions.

Risk and Responsibility
AMI Members have been trained and assessed to a very high level to provide you with a safe and enjoyable learning experience on the crags and mountains. Part of that experience is the acceptance on your part that climbing and mountaineering are inherently dangerous activities with a risk of serious injury or death. AMI members will help you to understand and to reduce these risks but can never completely eliminate them - and they will do their utmost to match your aspirations and abilities with the conditions, using their wealth of experience.

Complaints Procedure
If the Committee receives a formal complaint that a member has failed to fulfil their obligations as contained in the AMI Code of Professional Conduct, they will initiate the formalised Complaints Procedure as per the document below. Please also see the entry, 'What does being an AMI Member and using the AMI Logo mean?' above for a clear clarification of the endorsement of the AMI logo

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