Additional Services

Below are examples from AMI members of services that we can offer you as charities, businesses, corporations, groups and individuals.

Technical Advisors

A number of AMI members are qualified and experienced to be Technical Advisors in mountaineering, rock climbing and other related activities as defined by the Adventure Activity Licensing Regulations. Organisations running climbing walls, high ropes courses or running other climbing related activities also employ advisors to ensure that the best possible standards of practice are being met.

Mountain Challenge Events

Mountain challenge events such as 3 Peaks Challenges, The Welsh 3000s in Snowdonia, Charity Abseils, The Brecon Beacons 10 Peak Challenge etc are increasing in popularity across our nation as we go in search of sporting activities to challenge and reward us.

While numerous initiatives are afoot to drive levels of participation in sport and organised physical activity, walking and mountaineering continues to be the nation’s most popular pastimes.

IN 2018:

• 2.7 million people have taken part in Adventure Sports (a 0.4% increase in the last 12 months)

• 2.58 million people have taken part in Climbing and Mountaineering (a 0.4% increase in the last 12 months)

• Regular participation in climbing, hillwalking and mountaineering has increased by 200,000 people each year for the last three years (Active Lives survey – Sport England)

This is far from fringe activity: when we compare these figures to the 2.1 million people who have taken part in football (the nation’s favourite game) recreational enjoyment of the natural environment on foot is greater in scale.

Some AMI members are experts at organising events for groups, charities, businesses and they use their knowledge of the mountain environment together with your needs to create mountain challenge events for you.

Risk Management

AMI members are experts in hazard identification and risk management. This means they are ideally placed to assess workplaces for factors that contribute to or detract from physical and mental health and wellbeing. These work places tend to be out of the remit of normal 'ergonomic' assessors or workplace health and safety advisors and the technical skills and extensive experience of AMI members mean they are well placed to fulfill this role. The workplace environments that an WMCI & MCI might be expected to consider include but are not limited to areas such as:

● Climbing Wall

● Film set

● Quarry, possibly with active works

● Crag or mountain location

● Interior and exterior of buildings where access is restricted such as roof, lift shafts, walkways.

Movement and Performance

There are members within the AMI who are qualified movement and injury specialists. This means they are often engaged with athletes of all ages and abilities to learn how to maximise the physical performance of an individual. This might be for abled and disabled climbers whether it is for a competition, improve grades or managing personal progression.

Knowledge of anatomy, training, strength and conditioning is often commensurate to those of an elite trainer or coach. Also having the knowledge of injuries and treatment and rehabilitation is crucial as AMI members are often the first port of call to those who need it.

AMI members collaborate with other professionals to safeguard their clients and to ensure they are receiving the best possible advice.

TV and Film Safety and Location Advice

Members of the AMI have vast experience of outdoor locations and extreme environments suited for TV and Film settings. Members abilities to look after teams in harsh environments, sound judgement on risk management and knowledge of rope systems allow for safe environment in which to film. AMI members are used to looking after teams of people on ropes and on ground that requires quick judgement and sound decision making.

AMI members knowledge of locations and settings in a mountainous environment can be of assistance when location planning for TV and film shoots. AMI members are insured to work in these environments and can offer advice and help on matters in the TV and film industries.

Expedition Leadership

Many AMI members work in the Adventure Travel Industry as Expedition Leaders. It’s not uncommon to find AMI members Leading trips in Asia, Africa or South America. Expeditions could be with groups of adults or young people in a variety of settings from trekking journeys to large scale mountaineering objectives.

Members will often work for Expedition Providers and organisations on a freelance or self-employed basis with the support of local guides. Whilst the Mountain Training award structure isn’t a prerequisite to leading expeditions, the skill sets of leadership, route finding, mountain weather assessment and dealing with mountain incidents are all central to expedition work.

When working with an AMI member you will know that the same level of professionalism is carried over into this exciting area of work.

Clearly the support and backup of the expedition provider is key when members are working abroad. British Standard 8848 relates to ‘Best Practice’ on expeditions and can be found through The Royal Geographical Society.

Seismic Mountaineering

A small number of AMI members work in the Energy sector as Mountaineer QC’s or directly as Seismic Mountaineers. Usually working as part of an Onshore Oil/Gas exploration crew, their role is primarily that of Risk Assessment and Management in areas of steep terrain. Their role may include but not be limited to:

● Liaison and support of the broader HSE Team.

● Evaluating and categorizing of terrain alongside Survey Teams.

● Close support with Mine/Ordnance Clearance Teams and QC’s.

● Close practical support to Cable Crews, Drillers, Loaders, Shooters and Green Teams in all levels of steep terrain.

● Close rapid support of Troubleshooting Teams.

● Preparation of detailed Risk Assessments and Method Statements and SOP’s.

● Training and evaluating of the broader seismic crew in safe movement in steep terrain, including other local or international Seismic Mountaineers.

● Mountain Rescue and emergency procedures.

These AMI members have broad and extensive experience in working as Seismic Mountaineers around the World on vehicle and heli-Portable Surveys both 2D and 3D. They are familiar in operating in politically unstable regions often with high levels of additional security, as well as working sensitively as part of larger multinational crews. As AMI members their depth of knowledge and experience in training others, assessing risk and technical expertise enables them to operate comfortably as Team Leaders and Mountain QC’s.

Legal Experts

When litigation rears its head, a small number of AMI members are on the British Mountaineering Council Approved Experts Witness list and can be expected to provide impartial and empirical opinions on climbing and mountaineering related issues.

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