-Technical Advice and Advisors

Many AMI full members are qualified and experienced to be Technical Advisors in mountaineering, rock climbing and other related activities as defined by the Adventure Activity Licensing Regulations. Organisations running climbing walls, high ropes courses or other climbing related activities also employ advisors to ensure that the best possible standards of practice are being met.

This Register is primarily for those in the outdoor/adventurous activity sector who are seeking technical advice relating to mountaineering, hill walking, abseiling, indoor and outdoor climbing, outdoor pursuits and related activities. The persons on the list are AMI members and therefore hold the MCI or WMCI qualification. In addition they have undertaken further training in the work of a technical advisor, have submitted up to date CPD records and listed a significant amount of experience in the activity areas that they can advise on.

The people on the Register have a wide range of experience and expertise. Consequently, the information given below can only act as an approximate guide in choosing them as a source of technical advice. If you feel a person on the Register has the relevant expertise you will need to contact them to ascertain whether they have precisely the expertise you require. AMI cannot endorse any persons on the list and it is important to note that any contract of work is between yourselves as the employer and the person that you engage.

PDF Download of the below register :
Alex Ekins / Beyond the Edge Ltd
Location/Areas Covered: Nationwide
Disciplines advised on: Single and multi-pitch climbing, hill-walking, mountaineering, scrambling, gorge scrambling, Duke of Edinburgh Award, ropes courses, disability awareness, AALA, expeditions.
Telephone number: 0114 263 1155
Email address: info@beyondtheedge.co.uk
Matt Woodfield
Location/Areas Covered: South Wales
Disciplines Advised on: Rock Climbing, Hill Walking, Gorge Walking
Telephone Number: 07849109100
E-Mail Address: matt@outdoor-matters.co.uk
Kevin Roet
Location/Areas Covered: South, South West and Midlands (England), London
Disciplines Advised on: Climbing walls and artificial structures
Telephone Number: 07775 853 348
E-Mail Address: info@riseandsummit.co.uk
Andy Bewick
Location/Areas Covered: SE, Essex, Kent, London
Disciplines Advised on: Climbing walls
Telephone Number: 07765241347
E-Mail Address: andrewbewick@me.com
Graeme Hill
Location/Areas Covered: UK
Disciplines Advised on: Specialising in introducing accessible activities into the mainstream environment. Combining climbing, ropes courses, working at heights and rescue system environments. Can provide consultation, advice, site specific training and reports.
Telephone Number: 07939502991
E-Mail Address: hillascents@hotmail.co.uk
Jay Jackson
Location/Areas Covered: South West, South and South East, South Wales, Midlands, further afield by arrangement.
Disciplines Advised on: Rock climbing activities, hillwalking and mountaineering, Artificial Climbign Structures of all kinds, operation of ropes courses, statutory PPE inspections and management, inclusive and adaptive climbing activities. Advice avialable for Policy & Procedure development, risk management, staff training, Site-Specific Sign-Off schemes, incident review, and professional mentoring.
Telephone Number: +44(0)7734841619
E-Mail Address: jay@climbcornwall.com
Chris Pretty
Location/Areas Covered: Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex
Disciplines Advised on: Site Specific Training and Assessing, PPE advice and assistance with regulation, Risk Assessment advice, Climbing Wall currency
Telephone Number: home: 01986 875557 mobile:07507424850
E-Mail Address: cjpescalade@hotmail.com
Rob Keet
Location/Areas Covered: South East England (Hampshire, E/W Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Essex, Norfolk)
Disciplines Advised on: Climbing, mountaineering, hillwalking, high/low ropes course, PPE auditing and inspection of PPE.
Telephone Number: 07879842308
E-Mail Address: touchtherock@outlook.com
Kit Preston
Location/Areas Covered: Midlands and Peak District
Disciplines Advised on: Climbing Wall instruction, High and Low Ropes course instruction, walking, camping expeditions including DofE, single pitch climbing, mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking and improvised rafting.
Telephone Number: 07580 997091
E-Mail Address: kitpreston@hotmail.com
Danny Griffith
Location/Areas Covered: UK
Disciplines Advised on: All outdoor summer climbing, A.C.S of all types (inspection, maintains, operating and training/assessment), Summer Mountaineering, Winter Walking, High Rope Courses (Design, construction, inspection, maintains, operating and training/assessment), PPE (auditing and inspection).
Telephone Number: 07824772120
E-Mail Address: info@dannywg.com
Oliver Ryall
Location/Areas Covered: UK / France
Disciplines Advised on: Rock Climbing / Mountaineering (summer) / Hill walking / Abseiling / Climbing Walls / High Ropes (Traditional & Adventure park).
Telephone Number: 07401 077499
E-Mail Address: techadvisor@manoradventure.com / climbfrance@gmail.com
Davy Virdee
Location/Areas Covered: Edinburgh Area and central belt of Scotland; southern Scotland and Northern England.
Disciplines Advised on: Rock climbing, indoor/artificial walls, hillwalking, (incl. DoE); Dry-gorge scrambling and “squeasling”
Telephone Number: 07866 193 660
E-Mail Address: davy@mountainactive.co.uk
Tim Miller
Location/Areas Covered: South
Disciplines Advised on: Risk assessment, SOP’s, General Health & Safety, In-house training & assessments, RGP setup and usage, general support.
Telephone Number: 07736241636
E-Mail Address: tim@inspiredclimbing.rocks
Mark Agnew
Location/Areas Covered: South West England, South Wales
Disciplines Advised on: Single Pitch Climbing, Sea Level Traversing, Scrambling, Mountain & Moorland Walking / Camping / Expeditions, Climbing Wall staff training / Sign off’s, Artificial Climbing structure staff sign offs, Tyrolean Traverse staff training& sign offs.
Telephone Number: 07786 834 708
E-Mail Address: mark@mwe-adventures.co.uk
Jim Walton
Location/Areas Covered: Midlands, Yorkshire & East Anglia
Disciplines Advised on: Climbing Walls, Risk Assessments, Climbing & Mountaineering, Work on Structures
Telephone Number: 07867803106
E-Mail Address: jimwaltonmia@gmail.com
Steve Ranger
Location/Areas Covered: UK wide, based SE England
Disciplines Advised on: Climbing, Walls
Telephone Number: 07966 275226
E-Mail Address: steve@trekco.com
Alan Halewood
Location/Areas Covered: Scotland
Disciplines Advised on: Walking, Climbing, Mountaineering activities summer and winter. Management and supervision of, and instruction and coaching on, artificial climbing surfaces.
Telephone Number: 07887766716
E-Mail Address: alan@climbwhenyoureready.com
Richard Maywhort
Location/Areas Covered: Lake District based but am happy to go further afield.
Disciplines Advised on: All aspects of mountaineering within remit, Risk Assessments and Operating Procedures, Tyroleans, Ghyll Scrambling, PPE inspections
Telephone Number: 07813 076995
E-Mail Address: rmaywhort@me.com
Joby Maw Davis
Location/Areas Covered: Midlands based, national coverage.
Disciplines Advised on: ACS specialist (staffing, competence, design, procedural, route setting / Wah working practices, accident investigation), ropes courses, general climbing and mountaineering, canoe / kayak. Expert witness / legal work.
Telephone Number: 07979860281
E-Mail Address: davisjoby@hotmail.com
John Armstrong
Location/Areas Covered: UK and Europe
Disciplines Advised on: All activities pertaining to summer and winter mountaineering, climbing and walking. Gorgewalking and ghyll scrambing, Duke of Edinburgh expeditions on land, Accident and Incident investigation, Expert witness opinion
Telephone Number: 07751 882293
E-Mail Address: john@mountainsolutions.co.uk
Ross Cadie
Location/Areas Covered: Scotland
Disciplines Advised on: Rock Climbing; Hill Walking; Mountaineering
Telephone Number: 07779783543
E-Mail Address: rosscadie@gmail.com
Mark Davies
Location/Areas Covered: All areas of the UK
Disciplines Advised on: Summer & winter climbing and mountaineering, Technical rope rescue – summer and winter. Route-setter access, safety and rescue. Ropes course access, safety and rescue. Film / camera operator access and safety. PPE selection, inspection, record keeping, care, maintenance and equipment management. Workplace regulations and legal responsibilities. Artificial structure / charity abseils. Gorge walking
Telephone Number: 07969 358941
E-Mail Address: bigoutdooradventures@gmail.com
Pete Carter
Location: Lake District, Pennines & Dales, UK.
Disciplines: Climbing/ abseiling/ bouldering on natural rock and indoor and outdoor man-made structures; Mountaineering and hillwalking in summer and winter; Gorge walking/ Ghyll scrambling/ Canyoning.
Telephone: 017684 86965 (07720077714)
E-mail: thepetecarter@gmail.com
Mark Garland
Location/Areas Covered: South West, South, South East, French Alps.
Disciplines Advised on: All aspects of summer Climbing, Walking, Trekking, Coast-eering, High Ropes.
Telephone Number: 07973 910120
E-Mail Address: mark70garland@googlemail.com
Keith Fleming
Location/Areas Covered: Expeditions, European Alps, U.K. mountains and crags, U.K. climb-ing walls, activity centres
Disciplines Advised on: Expeditions, DofE, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Climbing Walls, High Ropes Courses, multi-site multi-activity centre operations U.K. and abroad, expert wit-ness work (BMC registered).
Telephone Number: 07710 345322
E-Mail Address:keithf@mountain-activities.co.uk
Kristine Quayle
Location/Areas Covered: Lake District, North West
Disciplines Advised on: The mountains; including Hill Walking, Duke of Edin-burgh, Scram-bling and Mountain Walking. The crags; Rock Climbing. A.C.S; of all types; including ropes courses and climbing walls PPE auditing and inspection of PPE.
Telephone Number: 07890 039 011
E-Mail Address: Kristinequayle@gmail.com
David Whiteley
Location/Areas Covered: All areas… (I live in Northampton)
Disciplines Advised on: Mountains, crags and A.C.S (all climbing and abseiling)
Telephone Number: 07914529270
E-Mail Address: david.whiteley2@ntlworld.com
Aled Butler
Location/Areas Covered: North West England, Lake District
Disciplines Advised on: Climbing / mountaineering activities, Artificial climbing walls and structures, ghyll scrambling / gorge walking, site-specific training as appropriate, relevant PPE inspection
Telephone Number: 07824440395
E-Mail Address: info@outdooreducationNW.co.uk
Will Kilner
Location/Areas Covered: England and Wales
Disciplines Advised on: Hill and Mountain Walking, DofE, Rock Climbing, Gorge Walking, Ropes Courses, Climbing Walls, Route Setting, Staff Training and Assessment, General Health and Safety policies and procedures.
Telephone Number: 07979337751
E-Mail Address: admin@adventureswithwill.co.uk
Martyn Frost
Location/Areas Covered: Midlands, East Anglia & North London
Disciplines Advised on: Artificial Climbing Walls
Telephone Number: 07902278941
E-Mail Address: m-frost@sky.com
Johannes Petersen
Location/Areas Covered: Inverness / Scotland
Disciplines Advised on: Hillwalking, Mountaineering
Telephone Number: 07896 823537
E-Mail Address: jp@johannespetersen.scot
Karl Smith
Location/areas covered: England, Wales
Disciplines advised on: climbing walls, schools and colleges outdoor activities.
Telephone number: 07786 192118
Email address: newportrock@gmail.com
Paul Smith
Location/Areas Covered: Southern half of the UK, Channel Islands, and the Isle of Mann.
Disciplines Advised on: Crags/Climbing Walls, Ropes Courses, Staff Training and staff com-petency, WaH/Route setter competency training, Gorge Walking, PPE auditing and inspec-tion of PPE (as well as training of staff to do this)
Telephone Number: 07968075793
E-Mail Address: Paul@rockandwateradventures.co.uk
Jason Bailey
Location/Areas Covered: South West
Disciplines Advised on: Climbing walls/ roped courses / ML/ SPA/DofE
Telephone Number: 07973136190
E-Mail Address: mail@peakaspect.co.uk
Nick Cannon Jones
Location/Areas Covered: Cumbria/Lake District/North-West
Disciplines Advised on: Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Gorge Walking/Ghyll Scrambling, On-site rock and rope course activities, Disability Awareness
Telephone Number: 07878 471253
E-Mail Address: info@morethanmountains.co.uk
Iain Smith
Location/Areas Covered: Scotland
Disciplines Advised on: Indoor and Outdoor Climbing, Hillwalking including expeditions
Telephone Number: 07730799514
E-Mail Address: smiffy112@hotmail.com
Simon Verspeak
Location/Areas Covered: UK Wide
Disciplines Advised on: Hill walking and mountaineering, rock climbing, winter mountaineer-ing and Combined Water Rock Activities – gorge scramble, sea level traverse
Telephone Number: 07980747804
E-Mail Address: simon@orange-mountaineering.com
Rebecca Coles
Location/Areas Covered: UK Wide
Disciplines Advised on: Overseas expeditions, Duke of Edinburgh award expeditions, sum-mer and winter mountaineering, climbing (outdoors), hillwalking
Telephone Number: 07834 474545
E-Mail Address: rebecca@allbutessentialtravel.co.uk
Rob Pugh
Location/Areas Covered: Whole of North West England
Disciplines Advised on: Climbing Walls – Indoor major commercial walls, school and youth club walls, artificial outdoor towers. Includes staff training, health and safety, floorwalking, in-house competency sign-offs, route setting, work at height, improving customer compe-tence and safety, risk assessments and standard operating procedures. Outdoor Centre Advice – Mountaineering, climbing, scrambling, gorge walking. Zip wires and Fan Descend-ers – use of, and rescue procedure training and assessment
Telephone Number: 07968 279844
E-Mail Address: robpugh@talktalk.net
Peter Stollery / NorthEast Outdoor Adventures
Location/Areas Covered: UK
Disciplines Advised on: Indoor climbing ACS, Outdoor Rock climbing, Summer Hill walking, Summer climbing and Mountaineering, Mixed rock water activities Gorge walking ghyl scrambling Coasteering Sea level traversing, PPE auditing and inspection
Telephone Number: 07580048834
E-Mail Address: info@northeastoa.co.uk

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