Ali Evans joined the association two years ago. She was already a Hill & Moorland Leader award holder and is now currently working towards her Mountain leader and Climbing Wall Award qualifications. Read more about her journey ...

Ali Evans Profile

Have you always been interested in the outdoors? And what inspired you to do a qualification with Mountain Training?

My real passion didn’t come until my late twenties. In fact, I hadn’t climbed Pen y Fan until my 29th birthday – embarrassing as it’s on my doorstep!! From then on, I fell in love with walking and enjoyed many days out and also some trips abroad. It wasn’t until I joined Caerphilly Adventure Group and met so many enthusiastic people that I made the leap into leading and not just following. It opened up a whole new world of walks that I wouldn’t have been aware of or even dreamed of being able to plan and navigate. It just proves you are never too old to learn new skills.

What awards do you hold? What awards are you working towards?

I currently hold my Hill & Moorland Leader award and have completed training for Climbing Wall Award and Mountain Leader. I’m aiming for assessment in 2017.

What do you do for work?

I am a Health and Safety Training Manager for local government – risk assessment comes in handy when in the outdoors!

How do you use (or plan to use) your qualifications?

Mostly for recreational purposes and to continue leading walks for Caerphilly Adventure Group and supporting our young members to develop their skills.

What did you find most challenging and most enjoyable about working through your qualifications?

Not having enough spare time to get Quality Mountain Days can be frustrating and remembering to complete the Digital Logbook as soon as possible after the event! Planning events is very rewarding as you feel you have ownership and responsibility of it and especially when your participants enjoy the day.

Ali Evans in winter

What advice would you give to anyone going through their qualifications?

Stay focused, talk to others who have been through the process, reflect on your experiences and don’t be put off when things don’t go to plan - learn from it. Remember to complete your log book!

At what stage in your outdoor journey did you join Mountain Training's Association? What was your main reason for joining?

After completing the Walking Group Leader qualification. I had talked to other members about it and wanted to be able to attend workshops run by Association Coordinators. The discount at outdoor gear shops I also useful!

What do you find most valuable about being a member?

Updates and newsletters and attending Association workshops.

Have you been on a regional event or CPD workshop?

Yes, quite a few including night navigation and ML Refresher day. They were excellent. Well organised, great opportunity to meet other members and share experiences and information. The MTA Coordinator always starts by asking the group to set their own learning objectives which means everyone gets to benefit from the content of the day. I look forward to many more in the future.

Would you recommend the Association to others?

Yes, it provides valuable information and updates, allows you to progress through Mountain Training's recognised awards schemes with support.

Ali Evans above the clouds

What are your leadership plans for the future?

Pass my Mountain Leader and see where that takes me!

If you had a day to go for a walk or climb anywhere, where would it be and why?

Tryfan – it’s such an ‘in your face’ but beautiful mountain and so distinctive you instantly recognise it in any picture. It offers everything - you can scramble to the summit via the north face, climb via Milestone Buttress or follow the path from Ogwen Cottage. After all that you can add an additional thrill of jumping Adam to Eve and of course it’s in my native Wales 
Ali Evans - a member's story

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