Environment Day 1

Environment, Access & Conservation

  • Are you working towards a walking leadership qualification?
  • Do you want to know more about key environmental issues?
  • Do you want to explore and learn more about your local area?

Qualified ecologist David Broom has the perfect CPD workshop for you!

In early October David hosted a one day Environment, Access & Conservation workshop based on the Stiperstones Ridge in Shropshire. Members were taken on a journey through upland vegetation and habitat types, looking at examples of upland conservation management, features of special geological, archaeological and cultural heritage interest, and examples of ecological rehabilitation within areas of degraded upland wildlife habitat.

Read what particpants had to say below:

“Thank you for a superb day of learning! I have always struggled to learn about plants simply by using guide books, but having someone so knowledgeable show and explain so many interesting things about the upland plants was riveting! It was also good to observe the “how” of delivery of the subject matter by yourself, and indeed others in the group. By the way, the group size was perfect.

I would love to build on what we learned on Sunday, and would be very interested in attending a follow on day that looked at plants in the mountain environment.”
- Helen Marsden

Environment Day 2

“Thanks for a great day David!I could not believe how much I didn't know about my local hills!

How if looked at with a keen eye, evidence abounds of human influences over the landscape. It was so much easier to learn to identify plant species when you can pick it and look at in in 3D with someone explaining what are the key features of the plant. If you're trying to use a book you can't ask questions and you don't know which features are the main ones for identification. We didn't walk far, but we did learn so much.

I'm sure the resources will be handy as I try to pass on some of the knowledge learnt!”
- Tom Cuthbert

Environment Day 3

“I just wanted to convey a big thank you for your session up at the Stiperstones last weekend. Today I took a group a lads out up there to try and relay some of the information you that you gave to us over to them. I have to tell you it was a great success! We went through the different "berry" plants Bil, Cow and Crow and also the heather and ferns and by the end of the day the students were all able to produce a short video recounting how to identify each one and a small bit of info about the plant itself.

Bearing in mind these lads have quite challenging issues, successfully holding their attention on this subject and still making the day fun for them, I would say, was down to your detail and delivery on our day up there. A great success and a big thank you again for your pearls of wisdom. Top draw!!”
- Simon Holding

Coming soon – David will be hosting a similar workshop in the South East and there are also plans to roll out further sessions in the Peak and further afield, so watch this space!

Click here for more information about the FREE South East 'Access & Environment for Leaders' workshop taking place on Saturday 26th November.

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