The Professional Mountaineer

The Professional Mountaineer is a quarterly magazine available to members of all four associations: the Mountain Training Association, Association of Mountaineering Instructors, British Association of International Mountain Leaders and British Mountain Guides - find out more about the other associations. The magazine is highly regarded amongst the readership as they value the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by their peers.

Every quarter, association members receive a printed copy of the magazine through the post. Previous editions of the magazine are also available to members in a digital pdf format in the online association Members Areas.

Content is written by members from all of the associations on a variety of topics and is organised into five sections:
  • Destinations - Where’s good to go for personal climbing/walking trips, expeditions or your first alpine routes. Sharing trips and experiences, providing practical information on where to go and what’s on offer.
  • Technical Skills - Methods of executing skills and techniques related to walking, climbing and mountaineering. Subjects like teaching lead climbing indoors, improvised rescues, short roping, improving navigation, contour interpretation and winter skills, ski touring and alpine mountaineering.
  • Our Planet - All subjects linked to the natural environment, its geology, flora and fauna, weather, conservation and impact, current affairs and topical events around the world that impact the environment we are passionate about.
  • Business Sense - Advice and information that will help other outdoor professionals from a business perspective whether it’s advice on how to get started, cost effective and self-marketing opportunities, maximising ways of promoting your service or business, social media and legal liabilities.
  • Guidance - Advice about good practice or lessons learned through experience. Subjects covering coaching, top tips for training and assessment courses, fitness, health and nutrition.
There are also regular book reviews and gear reviews of the latest kit.

Read the autumn 2020 edition online - free access for all

During these unprecedented and very challenging times, the associations have released a digital version of the very latest magazine online, to be shared far and wide amongst the wider outdoor community and beyond.

Many association members have been severely adversely affected by recent events; seeing all paid work disappear from their previously busy schedules. The associations are keen to support their members in any way they can. We hope that by sharing this magazine outside the associations it will help to inspire others to venture into the world of climbing, walking and mountaineering, and consider hiring a professional or pursuing an outdoor qualification when the world begins to mend itself. Our association members look forward to welcoming you to their world...

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