A big thank you to our mentors and mentees for being part of MTA’s first year of mentoring!

MTA’s mentoring programme started in June 2018 when we delivered a day’s training in mentoring skills to 13 mentors. On the same day we held a facilitated Meet Your Mentor evening to allow the matched pairs to meet, set goals and agree on how they would conduct their mentoring relationship.

This was a long day for the mentors and the programme trainers. However, we’ll use this model again as studies have shown that a facilitated face to face first meet up is more likely to result in mentoring relationships that work well for both parties, are more effective in terms of results and that last for as long as the mentee needs the support.

Since then our mentors have done a sterling job. They have given their time, their input and their experience of the qualifications. Interestingly, some mentors expected to be giving technical support and found that what their mentees wanted was simply someone to give them the reassurance that they’d done enough preparation, which in turn gave them the confidence to go for assessment.

Our mentees also have done a great job. They bravely put themselves forward for this trial programme and they have benefitted in various ways and provided us with useful feedback for future developments.

Round up of results

  • The programme was made up of 13 mentors and 14 mentees.
  • Six mentees have attended assessment. Of those, five passed their chosen qualification. Three more have booked assessment later this year.
  • During the mentoring phase over half our mentees have undertaken MTA workshops, refresher training or other relevant CPD. Of the five people who have yet to book an assessment, three have undertaken relevant additional training.
  • In the first year we offered mentoring support to mentees who had not yet attended training as well as those that had. The feedback from the participants indicated that mentoring was particularly useful in the consolidation period between training and assessment. So this year we focused on recruiting mentees who had attended a training course.

When asked what difference the mentoring made to them, people said:

‘I took the assessment and passed! I don’t think I would have done otherwise. I did the training so long ago and hadn’t made any progress towards assessment. So the mentoring had a clear outcome for me.’

‘Went for my course earlier than I probably would have done otherwise because of the encouragement I was given by my mentor. Doing the course earlier was definitely the right thing for me to do.’

‘Just having a mentor is working well for me. I haven’t needed to call upon him as much as I thought as just a small amount of contact has massively boosted my confidence. Knowing I have someone who I can ask daft questions is hugely valuable.’

We believe that whilst this is a very small sample, the feedback and results have been very encouraging and have enabled us to move forward with developing the programme, providing more training opportunities to increase the number of mentors which will allow more members the opportunity to benefit from the mentoring programme.

Current opportunities

Cogs_mentor We have one space available on our 2019 mentoring programme for a Mountain Leader trainee based in the South East, so if you have undergone your training and feel that you would benefit from having a mentor to help you reach assessment then complete the application below. Ideally you will be able to attend our meet your mentor evening at Milton Keynes on Friday 13th September.

We also have an opportunity for a member who has completed either Climbing Wall Instructor or Climbing Wall Development Instructor training and would like mentoring support getting to assessment, as well as an opportunity for a member who has completed Mountain Leader training or Rock Climbing Instructor training, based in the Midlands/North West and would benefit from the same. Then download and complete the application form below and send it to mentoring@mountain-training.org

Future development plans include:

  • Extending the mentoring provision to the South West of England, Scotland and Wales.
  • Expanding the mentor training team.
  • An online “Find a Mentor” facility. Mentors who have received MTA’s Mentor training and want to continue to offer their time on a voluntary basis, to support members working towards an assessment, will be able to list themselves here. You’ll be able to un-list yourself once a candidate has contacted you and you have agreed to mentor them. You will be required to send feedback to MTA for monitoring and evaluation purposes.
  • Development of resources on the mentoring page within the Member’s Area. Resources will include guidance on contracting, how to agree on the level of interaction between mentors and mentees, how to end a formal mentoring relationship, rather than just let it fizzle out, a Mentoring Manual with comprehensive guidance. Links to useful articles.
  • An MTA conference event with mentoring as a theme.

Mentoring Programme – summary of the first year

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