Hill Walking

The official handbook of Mountain Training's walking schemes: Lowland Leader, Hill and Moorland Leader, Mountain Leader and Hill & Mountain Skills.

Hill Walking 3rd Edition

This is a major reference book for every walker as well as for those who wish to lead groups in the British hills. Its functional design with easy reference colour coded pages, striking illustrations that complement the text and accurate mapping make this book an indispensable guide to the skills required for summer hill walking.

What's new for the third edition?

New format - New pictures - Updated access information - Additional navigation details (based on Navigation in the Mountains) - More guidance on inclusive hill walking

Inside Hill Walking Part 1

Mountain Training has been at the forefront in the development of walker's skills for forty years. This book has sold 50,000 copies and is the first in a series of manuals for walkers and climbers. It has been written by Steve Long in collaboration with instructors from Plas y Brenin, the National Mountain Centre.

Inside Hill Walking Part 2

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By Mr Graham Uney

I wonder if the sub-title of this technical skills handbook might put off some potential purchasers. I really do hope not. This, the third edition of the handbook for all candidates working through Lowland Leader, Hill and Moorland Leader, and Mountain Leader courses is quite simply an absolute must for ALL walkers, not just those preparing for a Mountain Training Assessment.

There are loads of helpful tips inside, and the book relies heavily on the use of good, common-sense advice backed up by easy to understand photographs and diagrams.
Read Graham's full review.

By Mr. A. Heinzl

This is just the book to have if you are into hillwalking in the UK hills. The good old Langmuir book was just a little too long winded and complex and never managed to get anything out of.
However the Mountain Leader book or the green book has been my bible when preparing for my Mountain Leader. Whenever I forgot something from my training I just pulled this book out from my shelf and looked it up.
I advise anyone interested in hillwalking to consider buying the Mountain Leader Handbook.

By A. Lazzarino

A fantastic book we were recommended to purchase as part of our Outdoor Education degree. This book has all you could possible need to know before setting out into the hills around the UK. Covering all the topics needed for Mountain Leader and Walking Group Leader Schemes, it's essential reading but still easy to read. Colour pictures and photographs compliment the text well.

A useful 'bible for the outdoors' even if you're not working towards certification. If you enjoy roaming the hills this will teach you proper methods of navigation, survival, wild camping, protecting the environment, trip planning and incident handling.

There is another long standing classic book on the market called 'Mountaincraft and Leadership' by Eric Langmuir. This is a much more in-depth book on the same topics. Also a brilliant and highly recommended read but slightly harder going. If you were only going to buy one book on the subject then this book ('Hillwalking: The official handbook of the mountain leader and walking leader scheme's' by Steve Long)would be the one to buy. If you have the money though both books are very useful. I take my Steve Long book with me on trips and have the Eric Langmuir book on the shelf if i need to know a little more on a subject.

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