What is CPD?

Qualifications are for life but your level of competence can lessen if you don't keep your knowledge and skills up-to-date. In a dynamic and potentially high-risk environment like this, you don't want to be complacent. One of the major benefits of association membership is being part of the continued personal/professional development (CPD) programme.

Continued personal/professional development (CPD) is the means by which members maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge and skills and develop the personal qualities required when using their qualifications. The Mountain Training Association encourages good practice and supports members excelling, and in being professional in their approach and believes that the CPD process is vital for all members, whether working full time in the outdoors or using the qualifications in a voluntary capacity. Qualified members commit to gaining two CPD points, which roughly equates to two days, in a five year period.
The Mountain Training Association has a diverse programme of workshops, conferences and regional events planned throughout the year, providing opportunities to update, refresh and enhance your skills. This programme of workshops support the association's CPD policy for Qualified members (i.e. members that hold a Mountain Training qualification) and provides development opportunities for all members.

CPD policy

The detailed Mountain Training Association CPD policy is available in full for members in the MEMBERS AREA.

Qualified member CPD requirement

Promoting and developing a robust CPD culture raises the profile of the Mountain Training Association and allows us to confidently promote our members to potential employees, organisations and the public. It's also a great asset for a professional CV and highlights your dedication to enhancing your skills and knowledge.
Commitment to CPD is part of being a Qualified member of the association; it's a great way to keep your skills fresh and up to date and a means of demonstrating to others (including employers) that you are passionate about upholding good standards, good practice and professionalism. The records of Qualified members who have held an award for 5 years are audited annually so it is important to keep your CPD record up to date.

As a Qualified member what do I have to do?

Every 5 years after passing your first Mountain Training qualification you must:
  • Complete 20 days of personal or group leading/supervision/coaching/instructing experience, ideally a mix.
  • Gain a minimum of 2 credit points from a variety of accredited CPD experiences.
  • Record your CPD online in the candidate management system

How do I record my 20 personal/group days or sessions?

For the purpose of CPD verification, this information will now come from your Mountain Training digital logbook (DLOG). To ensure your CPD record remains up to date please make sure that your most recent 20 personal/group days/sessions are recorded in the main "Add entry" section of your DLOG (rather than in the 'Files' tab of your DLOG).
If you hold a number of Mountain Training qualifications you can log relevant experience across the range of schemes.

The workshop programme is varied but considered. Presently, the programme includes:
  • Geology
  • Weather
  • Conservation of the environment
  • Navigation for the walking awards
  • Ropework and steep ground refresher
  • Plants of the mountain environment
  • Climbing award specific workshops
  • Fundamentals for climbing
  • GPS
  • Social media marketing
  • Leadership
  • Coasteering and Sea Level Traversing
  • Personal Scrambling
“[The Winter CPD event] was a superb weekend. The Mountain Training Association and the Glenmore Lodge team gave me a wonderful welcome and a great experience. I certainly gained new techniques, skills and made new friends.”- Sian Sykes

View the workshop programme

Externally recognised CPD

In addition to the workshop programme there are a whole host of other continued personal development opportunities recognised by the Mountain Training Association for its members. These include courses run by organisations such as DofE, Scouts, NICAS, Girlguiding, Institute of Outdoor learning as well as employers in-house training and Mountain Rescue training. The association also recognises some Mountaineering Council symposiums, coaching events and conferences as well as a selection of events run by charitable organisations focused on environmental conservation relevant to the awards.
Members have the facility to record all externally recognised CPD opportunities in their online Mountain Training account, which can be made public, for members allowing them to demonstrate that not only do they hold qualifications, but they are actively committed to keeping their skills up to date.

Recording CPD is easy. Simply log into your Mountain Training account, find the CPD tab, click add CPD and then select from a comprehensive list of recognised CPD opportunities.
Become a workshop provider

MTA has a robust quality assurance process for its workshop provision.

If you are interested in hosting regular fee-paying workshops for MTA please contact mta@mountain-training.org for more information.

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