Winter Skills Videos - Navigation

Winter navigation brings with it addtional challenges such as reduced features, shorter daylight hours and white out conditions, making it all the more important to be confident in knowing where you are.

Winter Navigation - verifying your location

Using 4 features to verify where you are is a very useful tool to give you confidence in your position before starting the next leg.

Winter navigation - verifying your position using a GPS

Using a GPS to back up you navigation skills and confirm your position is another useful skill to have should you wish to call upon it.

In Winter Skills there is a great section on winter navigation and the use of a GPS in Navigation in the Mountains the official navigation book for all Mountain Training schemes. You can buy both of these publications from the Mountain Training shop.

Avalanche Rescue and Safety Equipment

Avoiding avalanche hazard remains the priority in avalanche education. Mountain Training have a positioning statement on avalanche rescue and safety equipment for mountaineers.

Other winter skills videos

Avalanche Forecasts

Ice axe self arrest

Security on steep ground

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